Bradford Bay Air Chilled Chicken Ground - (4 x 1lb)

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Pure Poultry Perfection: Discover the premium quality of Bradford Bay Air Chilled Chicken Ground. Each 1lb pack contains ground chicken that is meticulously air-chilled to preserve its natural juices and flavor. This method ensures that the meat remains firm, flavorful, and free from the added water content found in conventional chilling methods. Perfect for your favorite recipes, from savory meatballs to hearty burgers, this chicken ground promises a tender and delicious experience in every bite.

Nature's Bounty at Bradford Bay: Bradford Bay, known for its mild climate and ample sunshine, offers an ideal environment for raising healthy, happy chickens. The region's natural bounty allows chickens to forage for insects, grubs, and fresh greens, enhancing their diet with essential nutrients. This peaceful, serene location ensures the chickens experience less stress, contributing to better overall health and flavor. In a community that values sustainable and responsible farming practices, Bradford Bay stands out as a haven for high-quality, locally-produced chicken.

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Hormone FreeGrain FedFree RangeCorn FedCertified HalalAntibiotic Free
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