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"Rowe on the label, Quality on the Table"

In 2005, Rowe Beef Co. was established with the aim of delivering an exceptional steak dining experience. To this day, the Rowe Family upholds this principle by procuring top-notch products with a keen emphasis on quality and sustainability.


With an unwavering dedication to food safety and unparalleled service, our objective is to assist our clients in accomplishing their objectives by offering bespoke meat solutions for their programs.


We’re passionate about quality, and it shows in everything we do. Our motto is “Rowe on the label, Quality on the table,” and we’re proud to stand behind our products. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting out, we’re confident that you’ll love our selection and appreciate our commitment to excellence.

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Our Team

Discover the expertise behind our high-quality meat products. Handpicked and carefully sourced by our dedicated team of specialists

  • Robert Rushlow

    Head of Poultry

  • Ton Nguyen On (Carl)

    Production Manager

  • Joe Recchia


  • Mike Casimiri

    Plant Setup Manager

  • Wilfredo Castillo

    Logistics Manager

  • Steve Turner

    Downtown Driver

  • Cesar Rocca

    Head Butcher

  • Inacio Dias

    Head Butcher

  • Nhan Tran


  • Tom Talboom

    Key Account Manager

  • Michael Cooper

    Key Account Manager

  • Laurence Smith

    Key Account Manager

  • Howard Basest

    Key Account Manager

  • Lucas Rowe

    Key Account Manager

  • Jason Fischer

    Vice President of Sales

  • Rod Rowe


  • Mo Flor

    Front Desk Executive

  • Louisa Gladza


  • Tammy Castillo

    Plant Manager

  • Renee Rowe

  • Janice Escote

    Accounts Payable

  • Jeremy Mason


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