Rowe Beef™ Lean Ground Beef (84/16) - (4 x 1lb)

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The Perfect Blend: Enjoy the versatility and robust flavor of Rowe Beef™ Lean Ground Beef. With an 84/16 lean-to-fat ratio, this ground beef provides the perfect balance of lean meat and rich taste, making it ideal for a variety of dishes from hearty meatloaf to spicy tacos. Each 1lb package offers premium quality beef that's easy to cook and full of flavor, ensuring your meals are always a hit.

Commitment to Excellence at Rowe Beef: Rowe Beef Co., established in 2005 by the Rowe Family, is dedicated to providing high-quality, sustainable beef products. Our rigorous selection process ensures that only the finest cuts make it to your table. We work with trusted producers to deliver beef that not only tastes exceptional but also supports our commitment to food safety and unparalleled service. With Rowe Beef, you're choosing a legacy of excellence and a promise of quality in every bite.

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