Top Grass™ Beef Striploin Steak Centre Cut - (4 x 8oz)

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Premium Steakhouse Quality at Home: Experience the unparalleled taste of Top Grass™ Beef Striploin Steak Centre Cut, available in a convenient pack of four 8-ounce steaks. Known for its exceptional marbling and tenderness, the striploin steak is perfect for grilling or pan-searing, delivering a juicy, flavorful bite every time. These centre-cut steaks are crafted to provide the ultimate dining experience, making any meal feel like a gourmet steakhouse feast.

Sustainable Farming, Superior Beef: At Top Grass, we are committed to raising cattle in the most ethical and environmentally conscious way possible. Our grass-fed, free-range cattle graze on pristine pastures, untouched by chemicals or GMOs, ensuring the purest beef. This dedication to sustainable farming practices not only benefits our cattle but also guarantees that our beef is rich in essential nutrients and natural flavor, providing a dining experience that is as wholesome as it is delicious.

Dietary Needs

100% Grass FedAntibiotic FreeFree RangeHormone Free
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