Bradford Bay Air Chilled Chicken Thighs Boneless Skinless - (4 x 1lb)

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Flavorful Chicken Thighs: Savor the rich taste of Bradford Bay Air Chilled Chicken Thighs Boneless Skinless. Each 1lb pack offers juicy, flavorful meat that is perfect for a variety of culinary creations, from hearty stews to delicious barbecues. The air-chilling process ensures the thighs retain their natural moisture, delivering superior taste and texture.

Bradford Bay's Natural Bounty: Bradford Bay's unique location offers a perfect blend of sunshine, mild climate, and natural resources. This tranquil environment allows chickens to grow in a stress-free setting, enhancing their overall health and flavor. By providing access to locally-sourced, high-quality feed and foraging opportunities, Bradford Bay ensures its poultry is of the highest quality, both delicious and responsibly raised.

Dietary Needs

Hormone FreeGrain FedFree RangeCorn FedCertified HalalAntibiotic Free
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