Bradford Bay Air Chilled Chicken Whole Fryer - (4 x 4lbs)

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Pure, Juicy Perfection: Discover the wholesome flavor of Bradford Bay Air Chilled Chicken Whole Fryer. Each 4lb bird is air-chilled to lock in its natural juices, resulting in a tender, succulent chicken perfect for roasting, grilling, or baking. Free from added hormones and antibiotics, this fryer offers a clean, pure taste that elevates any meal.

Sunshine and Serenity in Bradford Bay: Bradford Bay provides an idyllic environment for raising chickens. With its mild climate and abundant sunshine, our chickens thrive in comfortable conditions year-round. The peaceful surroundings and natural bounty of the area allow our chickens to forage freely, resulting in healthier, happier birds that produce superior meat.

Dietary Needs

Hormone FreeGrain FedFree RangeCorn FedCertified HalalAntibiotic Free
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