Rowe Beef™ Bacon Centre Cut Sliced - (10lb)

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Savor the Premium Flavor: Indulge in the exquisite taste of Rowe Beef™ Bacon Centre Cut Sliced. Crafted from the finest cuts, this bacon promises a rich, smoky flavor with a perfectly crisp texture. Ideal for breakfast feasts or enhancing your favorite recipes, each slice offers a delectable blend of savory and hearty goodness. The precision slicing ensures consistent thickness for even cooking, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

The Rowe Beef Co. Commitment: In 2005, Rowe Beef Co. was established with the aim of delivering an exceptional steak dining experience. To this day, the Rowe Family upholds this principle by procuring top-notch products with a keen emphasis on quality and sustainability. With an unwavering dedication to food safety and unparalleled service, our objective is to assist our clients in accomplishing their goals by offering bespoke meat solutions for their programs. At Rowe Beef Co., our motto is “Rowe on the label, Quality on the table,” and we stand firmly behind our products. Our team meticulously selects only the finest cuts from trusted local, domestic, and international producers, ensuring exceptional taste and unmatched consistency through rigorous quality control.

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Hormone FreeGrain FedFree RangeAntibiotic Free
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