Rowe Beef™ Veal Scallapini - (4 x 4oz)

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Indulge in Tender Perfection: Savor the succulent tenderness of Rowe Beef™ Veal Scallapini, a delicacy that promises to elevate your culinary creations. Each 4-ounce cut is meticulously selected to ensure optimal flavor and texture, perfect for crafting exquisite dishes that leave a lasting impression. Whether you're preparing a classic Italian piccata or experimenting with your own innovative recipes, our veal scallapini delivers an unparalleled dining experience.

Exquisite Quality, Exceptional Taste: Established in 2005, Rowe Beef Co. is committed to delivering an extraordinary steak dining experience, and our veal products are no exception. Sourced from trusted local and international producers, our veal embodies our dedication to quality and sustainability. With Rowe on the label, you can trust that every bite will deliver unparalleled flavor and uncompromising quality.

Dietary Needs

Grass FinishedGrain FedFree RangeCertified Halal
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