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Cheryl review
Cheryl LiuzzaCustomer

Just amazing! We just received our order and everything from start to finish was incredible. Every associate we dealt with was extremely courteous. One of my best customer service experiences ever! Had our first meal tonight and the quality of the meat was superb.

Sky SchapiroCustomer

I had the best experience with these meat supplies! First, the product was terrific. However, what made them remarkable was the customer service. There was an error with the delivery (which was really my fault) and the management personally delivered the missing item to me the next day, which was a Saturday. They were so nice, and I was blown away. Thank you!

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Rare - 120 °F

Cool to warm red center soft and tender texture.

Medium Rare - 130 °F

Wam red center, perfect steak texture.

Medium - 140 °F

Hot pink center, slightly firmer texture.

Medium-Well - 150 °F

Mostly brown center, firm texture.

Well Done - 160 °F+

No color, very firm and much drier.

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Top Grass™ Beef Ribeye Steak - (4 x 10oz)

The Quintessential Steakhouse Experience: Discover the epitome of steak perfection with the Top Grass™ Beef Ribeye Steak. Each 10oz portion is meticulously cut to provide a sublime balance of tenderness and rich, buttery flavor. Known for its exquisite marbling, the Ribeye Steak delivers a melt-in-your-mouth experience that steak lovers crave. Perfect for any cooking method, this steak promises to be the star of your dinner table, offering a restaurant-quality experience at home.

Ethically Raised for Unmatched Quality:At Top Grass, we believe in raising cattle the way nature intended. Our cattle graze freely on lush pastures, consuming a diet that is free from GMOs, herbicides, and pesticides. This commitment to a chemical-free environment ensures that our beef is not only flavorful but also rich in essential nutrients. By choosing Top Grass™, you support sustainable farming practices that prioritize animal welfare and environmental health.


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Est. 8 Iowa Premium™ Black Angus Tomahawk Bone In Ribs Steaks - (2 x 54oz)

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